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Six Month Affordable Braces Waldorf MD - Teeth Straightening Near you

Braces for adults and Children

Braces for Children

You might be aware of a simple saying-“A stitch in time saves nine.” Application of braces for children is based on almost the same principle. When you bring your child for a dental check-up at Dental Care of Waldorf, Dentist examines every aspect of the mouth and face so that you can be informed about any orthodontic defects like misaligned teeth or crowding. You will be presented with the various orthodontic treatment options as well.

Braces for adults and Children Waldorf

Braces  put at the right age prevents the problem from getting more severe. The problems in children that can be corrected through braces are-

  1. Dangerous oral habits like thumb-sucking or mouth-breathing
  2. Interrupt the development of any orthodontic problem
  1. Helping the jaws to grow and develop in the right direction
  2. Help the permanent teeth acquire the right positions
  3. Correction of the biting pattern

You should realise that an orthodontic consultation made at the right time can save your child from a lot of problems.

Braces for Adults

Better late than never! Do not hesitate to go for orthodontic treatment just because you have become an adult. At Dental Care of Waldorf, even adults are asked to wear braces to correct a number of orthodontic problems like crowding or spacing of teeth. Due to faulty biting one may develop earaches or headaches. In such cases, it is important to get the biting corrected as mere pain relief may not have long-lasting effects.

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What is the difference between the orthodontic treatment for children and adults?

Thought the benefits enjoyed through orthodontic correction are similar in both adults and children the duration of treatment may differ. In other words, adults may need to wear braces for a longer duration to get the desired result. Depending on the complexity of the case, an adult may need to wear braces for a period ranging from eighteen months to three years.

To know if you should wear braces or not, contact us at Dental Care of Waldorf to book an appointment with Dr. Akash. Every detail regarding the kind of orthodontic problem you have and the type of braces that are required for correction will be given to you. As we honour the freewill of our clients we leave it to you to opt the kind that suits you in every way.