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Comprehensive Dental Care Waldorf - Affordable, Dental Services Near you

Comprehensive Dental Care Waldorf

We are aware of the fact that our human body works by the co-ordination of the activities of the different organs of our body. Any organ cannot work independent of another. Similarly, our mouth is not just restricted to teeth and gums and comprise of various other parts like inner lining of cheeks, tongue and temporomandibular joint. Apart from that the muscles that are responsible for jaw movements and facial expression are important in maintaining functional balance.

Dentist Waldorf MD

We understand the essence of comprehensive dental care at Waldorf MD and hence, provide services addressing the issues of the mouth as a whole not just considering only the teeth or only the gums. In addition to that we treat individuals falling in every age group as dental problems are not limited just children or adults. Basically our approach consists of evaluating every aspect of the mouth so that a complete and thorough assessment of your oral cavity can be derived from the recorded data on which an appropriate treatment plan can be built up.

Your treatment plan is customized in the most perfect way possible so that every single oral health issue is rightfully addressed and taken care of. According to Dentist, the principal dentist at Waldorf MD, it is the moral obligation of every dentist to catch the dental decay or any other oral problem of a patient when it is in a young and immature stage. That is why, comprehensive dental care at Waldorf MD serves as the cornerstone of oral health care delivery.

Comprehensive Dental Care Waldorf

Components of Comprehensive Dental Care

Take a look at how we deliver comprehensive dental care at our dental office making sure that no stone is left unturned!

  1. Recording of a Your History in detail- Well, most of the times, your past tells it all. Hence, one of the most important step in comprehensive dental care is the meticulous collection of your history in a detailed manner. A lot of problems can be assessed by recording the history of an individual.
  2. A Complete Oral Examination- This comprises of the examination of every aspect of the oral cavity like-

a.       Your teeth- The presence of any cavity or initial sign of decay is what a dentist looks for on the teeth. Apart from that any other problem in the colour, texture and shape is noted.  Also the severity of each condition is made a note of.

b.      Your gums- It is checked if the gums are unnecessarily red or swollen. If yes, it is a clear-cut indication of inflammation in gums.

c.       Your bone- The part of the jaw bones on which the teeth are present is assessed through X-rays. A dense bone gives the idea of greater bone support to teeth.

d.      Your soft tissues- Any cut or discoloration or swelling is looked for on the soft tissues of your mouth.

e.      Your Bite- Whether he way you bite is also checked as a slight variation in biting pattern can create major problems like headache or jaw pain.

  1. A customized treatment plan- A special treatment plan is tailored for you which takes into consideration all the specifications recorded during your comprehensive oral examination.

Now your dental expert explains all the dental procedures you are supposed to undergo and the importance of each of them in maintenance of optimum oral health.


You can also benefit from our comprehensive dental care services at Waldorf MD. Call us at 301-645-3601 to book your appointment with your comprehensive dental care expert!