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Crown and Bridge


When we lose a natural tooth, we should understand that it will not grow back. So should how can we deal with the problem of missing teeth? Our dental office at Waldorf MD brings an excellent solution of this problem in the form of crown and bridge!

Dental Crowns and Bridges waldorf MD

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What are a crown and a bridge?

A crown is almost like a tooth cap that is placed on top of a tooth to strengthen a weakened tooth or conceal deformities in color or texture of the tooth. When crown is used to replace one or more missing teeth it is called as a bridge because it contains a minimum of two to three units (crowns).

What are the situations where crown and bridge are placed?

After a thorough dental examination, your dental expert will inform you whether you are a suitable candidate for crowns and bridges or not. You may require a crown or a bridge if-

·         Badly broken or decayed teeth- A tooth that has lost most of its structure to any accident, trauma or dental decay may not be able to support itself for a long duration. It may crush and crumble under the massive chewing forces and hence, need reinforcement in some or the other form. The best way to protect such teeth is to place a crown over them.

·         Grossly discolored teeth- When a tooth becomes very unattractive due to heavy discoloration like those seen in case of severe fluorosis, placement of dental crowns is the only possible solution to improve the appearance of such teeth.

·         Missing teeth- One of the best and reliable techniques of replacing missing tooth or teeth is by preparation of crowns and bridges.

·         Root canal treated teeth- If your teeth have undergone root canal therapy they become dry and fragile and susceptible to undergo fracture even under light chewing forces.

How is a crown placed?

Before the placement of a dental crown or bridge the tooth has to be prepared. Tooth preparation involves the trimming of the tooth from all sides to accommodate the crown and bridge. After that an impression of the trimmed tooth is recorded and a dental crown or bridge is fabricated on the basis of the measurements in the impression. Then the crown or bridge, once fabricated, is cemented to the prepared teeth.


What is the cost of a crown or a bridge?

While replacing your missing teeth and restoring your broken ones, we ensure to put forth the best options so that you can make an intelligent choice in terms of material and your budget. There are different kinds of dental crowns available and the cost depends on the type that you choose for yourself. A dental crown can be metallic like made of stainless steel or gold. Tooth colored dental crowns are available and they are made of ceramic. Higher end ceramic crowns called zirconia crowns are growing in demand due to the excellent finish in looks and functionality.


Get in touch with us to know more about crown and bridge. We will be happy to gift you with amazing smile!

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