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Dental implant Waldorf | Dental Implants Near me [ 50% OFF ] # Top Dentist

Dental Implants Waldorf MD


 Flaunt your Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants Near You .

Dental Implants Waldorf - Are missing teeth bothering you? Do you feel embarrassed because of your toothless smile? Dental Care of Waldorf has the right solution for every dental problem you are facing. One of the most innovative techniques of replacing teeth is through dental implants. In our dental office, Dr. Akash, a passionate professional, ensures that your problem associated with tooth loss is well taken care of.

dental implant specialist near me Waldorf Md
Dental Implants Waldorf Md

Dental implant specialist near me

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that mimic the roots of natural teeth and are surgically anchored within the jaw bone.

Benefits of dental implants

The three main benefits of dental implants are-

            •           Look natural- Dental implants at Dental Care of Waldorf , Bryans Road have grown in popularity due to their realistic looks. After all, an aesthetic smile is what everyone desires!

            •           Feel natural- The chewing capacity enhances with the placement of dental implants so that you can enjoy your food with the same comfort of natural teeth.

            •           Last forever- If you take care of your dental implants through diligent maintenance of oral hygiene, they can last a lifetime.

How are dental implants placed?

            •           Eligibility- At Dental Care of Waldorf, Dr. Akash will carry out a meticulous examination of your mouth and assess your overall health condition. After a thorough analysis, you will be informed if dental implant is a suitable treatment option for you or not. For instance, those who have diabetes or osteoporosis dental implants may not benefit them as much as they do in normal individuals.

            •           Bone grafting (if required)- Those who have less jaw bone need to undergo grafting procedures first to increase bone volume for proper support to dental implants.

            •           Dental implants placement– An impression of your mouth is recorded to create a template that guides the placement of dental implants on the day of the surgery. Now, on the day of the surgery, the dental implants are inserted once the area of placement is anesthetized.

The next phase of treatment is the recovery phase or phase of osseointegration during which the implants fuse with the jaw bone. The success of the treatment relies on this phase because better fusion leads to stronger and long-lasting results.

            •           Artificial teeth- Once your gums complete the recovery phase, the next step is the placement of artificial teeth. Depending on the case, a dental crown can be placed over the dental implants if only a single tooth has to be replaced or a bridge can be placed if all teeth need to be replaced.

At Dental Care of Waldorf, Dr. Akash believes in delivering care with utmost compassion. Our expert team ensures that you receive high quality care and hospitality. Want to relish your favorite delicacies? We are just a call away. Book an appointment by giving us a call at 301-645-3601 to know more about dental implants.


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