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Dentures Dentist in waldorf MD

We have, practically, two sets of teeth- the milk teeth and the permanent teeth. When we lose our milk teeth, we needn’t worry because permanent teeth replace them in due course of time. If we lose permanent teeth, we have nothing else to rely on. The only option left with us is the Third set- the Dentures!

Dentures are appliances with artificial teeth that are meant to replace a person’s missing teeth. One can lose his teeth due to an accident, as a result of disease or due to dental decay. Dentures used at Waldorf MD can be of two types - partial and complete.

Dentures Dentist in waldorf MD

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are also called as removable partial dentures (RPDs) or even partials. Partials are used to replace the missing teeth (if they are just few in number). A partial is planned only in cases wherein the placement of a bridge is not recommended due to weak neighboring teeth.

Benefits of partial dentures-

·         They can be easily removed by the wearer and fixed again.

·         They are simple to clean and take care of.

·         They are cost effective when compared to other teeth replacement options like bridges or dental implants.

·         Repairs can be done to a large extent on account of any minor defects and there is no need to fabricate a new one.

Complete or Full Dentures

Complete dentures are also referred to as full dentures and are the replacement option considered when the person has all his teeth missing. These are also removable in nature and stay in the mouth due to suction force created while placing the Dentist on the jaw.

Complete dentures at Waldorf MD are of two types:

Immediate Dentures

As the name suggests, this type of denture is fabricated for people who need teeth replacement just after extraction of their teeth. They cannot afford to remain toothless as their occupation demands public appearance almost on a daily basis. For such patients, immediate dentures are quite helpful as they are provided with an immediate replacement f teeth. Before pulling out the teeth, your dentist Kyle will record an impression of your teeth and jaws so that a denture is fabricated keeping those dimensions in mind. After pulling out the teeth, the patients are asked to wear these dentures. The healing of the extraction wound happens gradually over a period of time under the denture. The patient may have to visit almost on a monthly basis to check the fit of the denture as the underlying bone and gums shrink during the healing phase.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are the usual complete dentures which are created for a person who has lost all his teeth. The procedure of fabrication commences only after the dentist ensures that the healing phase of the underlying bone and gums has concluded.

Denture Costs

The charges for denture fabrication depends on few factors like the material that you have selected for and the level of customization you opt for in your treatment. For instance, some persons express their desire to get a denture done from a prosthodontist (a specialist of denture designing and fabrication). An additional charge is asked for in such a situation as the remuneration for the specialist. The type of insurance you have also matters when it comes to the cost of a denture.


For any further queries regarding the charges or any denture related issue get in touch with us and our team at Waldorf MD will be extremely glad to assist you!


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