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Scaling and Root Planing waldorf MD | Root Planing for a Healthier Gum


Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease is one of the most common oral problems that people are suffering from worldwide. Dental cleaning is one of the best professional techniques of curing gum diseases. Through this technique, gum diseases have become completely curable and even reversible. Scaling and root planning is a form of deep cleaning and is different from conventional dental cleaning. At Waldorf MD, scaling and root planing is done to remove the hard deposits and plaque on the teeth surfaces that are under the gums. Conventional dental cleaning can just take care of the tooth surfaces that are above the gum line. Hence, scaling and root planing have a key role to play when it comes to maintenance of periodontal health.

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Why is scaling and root planing important?

The deposits collected on the teeth surfaces gets wiped off while toothbrushing normally. When the food particles get into the gap between teeth and gums and harden there to form tartar, they become strongly glued to the teeth. This marks the beginning of the vicious cycle of tartar and gum problems. The tartar initiates inflammatory response from the gums and the gums undergo swelling and slowly get detached from the tooth surfaces in due course of time. This way the gap between the gums and the teeth deepens paving way for more bacteria to multiply in that space and create havoc. The only way to break this cycle is by carrying out scaling and root planing.

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How is deep cleaning/ scaling and root planing done at Waldorf MD?

1.       Since the cleaning goes to a deeper level, there are chances of occurrence of slight pain or discomfort during the procedure. Hence, the first step of deep cleaning is application of local anesthetic shot in such a way that the gums around the teeth in question become numb.

2.       Once the gums are numb your dental expert relieves the edges of the gums away from the teeth so that an easy access to the affected area is created.

3.       Then, the teeth surfaces (root surface) underneath the gums are cleaned.

4.       After cleaning the procedure of root planing is carried out in which the teeth surfaces are polished to ensure that there is no residing place for the bacteria and the gums reattach to the clean teeth surfaces.

5.       Now the gums are tied back to their normal position.

6.       A gum pack is applied so that the gums heal completely under it and remains away from any physical disturbance.

7.       In most of the cases, an antibiotic coverage is also given so that there is no chance of infection after the procedure.

You may have to come for follow-up so that the condition of your gums can be assessed thoroughly. Once your dentist provides you with the assurance that your gums have healed you can resume with your normal oral hygiene routine.

Visit us at our dental office at Waldorf MD to know if your gums are in need of scaling and root planing.




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