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Six Month Braces

Orthodontics in Waldorf, MD

Dentistry is always in the pursuit to make itself better and in every aspect! Six Month Braces is one such innovative technique in the field of orthodontics (the branch of dentistry that deals with straightening of teeth through braces). As the name suggests Six Month Braces makes use of technique that carries out teeth alignment within merely six months. At Waldorf MD, Six Month Braces have been adopted and performed for those who need everything in a fast-track way. Orthodontics in Waldorf, MD

Six Month Braces

Appointment Request

Am I candidate for Six Month Braces?

The success of any treatment completely relies on the fact whether it suited the individual or not. That is why, your dental expert Dentist will check your teeth and their alignment thoroughly to understand the degree or severity of distortion and the feasibility if Six Month braces can be the right option for you.

What makes Six Month Braces special from the conventional braces?

ü  Reduced treatment time

       Through Six Month Braces, the treatment time required is only about six months or so. This is one strong feature that makes it different from the conventional braces as the latter takes at least a year and a half for successful completion of the treatment.

ü  Amazing wire-

      Six Month Braces 1utilises a special archwire that has the special feature called shape memory. Such archwires have a capacity to ‘remember’ their original shape and are always on the lookout for assuming their natural shape even after being bent. Due to shape memory, the treatment duration reduces and the teeth are pushed to the desired new positions.

ü  Limited inconvenience-

      During orthodontic treatment through conventional braces, patients often complain of pain when their teeth move. In Six Month Braces, the patient experiences only limited inconvenience.

ü  More aesthetic appearance wise than conventional 

 – Six Month Braces look better when on the patients teeth as compared to the conventional ones because tooth-coloured brackets are used (the parts that hold the archwire). Hence, it is technically difficult to make out if the person has braces on his teeth or not.

After Six Month Braces are removed from your teeth, you will be asked to wear retainers for almost a period of six months or so. This is to help the teeth grow strong in their new final positions.

So why wait another second if straightening your teeth has become a matter of just six months through Six Month Braces at Waldorf MD. Rush to our expert team or call us to book a consultation with Dr. Akash is a orthodontist specialist in Waldorf and experience the joy of smiling with your perfect set of teeth!



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