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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings, as the name suggests are fillings carried out using filling materials that bear close resemblance to the natural teeth. At Waldorf MD, we ensure to provide you with dental fillings that are superior in strength and give a life-like appearance. Initially, these fillings were confined to the front teeth alone as these teeth were of more aesthetic concern than the back teeth. In the recent times, tooth colored fillings are replacing metal fillings at a very rapid rate due to change in the perception of aesthetics in the newer generation.

Tooth Colored Fillings waldorf

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The most common type of tooth-colored filling material are listed below along with the properties of each of them-

1.      Composite Resin- This material has created a revolution in the field of aesthetic dentistry because of the looks that it can deliver. Few reasons why composite resins are considered to be one of the best restorative materials-

·         Conservative in nature- Unlike silver amalgam, composites do not require a large amount of tooth structure to be removed for placement of the filling. This is because the resins can bond with the teeth surface directly and hence, can be called extremely conservative in nature.

·         Mimicking the natural looks- A wide band of colors and shades are available in this material. This feature can be used to create life-like fillings. Cosmetic experts never make a filling on tooth with a single color of composite resin. Rather, they mix the colors in layers to restore the natural translucency of our teeth.

·         Repair possible- This is one of the best features that the resin possesses. There is always a scope for repair should any damage happen to the filling. The modifying activity is extremely simple.


2.      Glass ionomer- The material is tooth colored and the best feature of glass ionomers is that they release fluoride. The fluoride ions act on the tooth surface and make it impervious to dental decay. This material is used mostly for the back teeth as it may not match the shade the natural teeth cent percent and hence is unfit for use for the front teeth. This material is used in conjunction with composite resins in some cases to get the combined benefits of good aesthetics and barrier that prevents dental decay.


3.      Porcelain or Ceramic- This is one of the materials that are considered extremely aesthetic. The disadvantage of ceramic is that it cannot be used a s a direct filling (which means that it cannot be directly applied to the teeth. It needs to fabricated in the laboratory and then glued to the tooth surface.)

Depending upon the type of dental problem you have your dental expert at Waldorf MD will decide the kind of tooth colored filling that will prove to be apt for you.

If you are upset with a broken front tooth that is damaging your smile, check out these tooth-colored fillings at Waldorf MD. We help you achieve a more fulfilling smile!


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