3 Ways To Avoiding Teeth Stains

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prevent teeth stains

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How Important Avoiding Teeth Stains

The teeth may generally vary in shade from one person to another, but basically, they are given the name “pearly whites” because they boast a white shade. Still, some people have yellowish, grayish or brownish teeth.

Teeth that are naturally light and bright, can lose its beauty because a lot of things. If you’d wish to hold on to the whiteness of your smile, you would carry out the following strategies:

stained tooth

1. Watch the food and drink you take in.

Your choice of food can affect the appearance of your teeth because there are some substances that have high staining pigments. Avoid them, if you can, or moderate your intake of wine, tea, coffee, sport drinks, cola, hard sweets, tomato sauce, soy sauce, curry sauce, berries and so forth. The effect of such is not obvious, right away, but with continued use, can really make changes to the appearance of your smile.

2. Avoid tooth trauma.

Trauma can happen in different ways. A tooth can suffer a physical blow or severe tooth decay, for it to be traumatized. Prolonged, premature contact can also lead to trauma. When this happens, the tooth becomes greyish or brownish and will look old. Always wear a mouthguard to avoid internal or external physical forces. And make sure to resolve tooth caries, in early stages to avoid necrosis (or death).

3. Visit the dentist regularly.

In the case of extrinsic stains at are merely adhered to teeth. Simply cleaning and scaling can restore the teeth’s beauty. Schedule your visit to the dentist twice a year.

If you are interested in holding on to the whiteness and beauty of your smile, ask a dentist about the different cosmetic procedures that you can receive.