Top 5 Causes of Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain can be a debilitating experience. Although there are a variety causes, below are the five most common reasons why patient experience tooth pain. If you are having tooth pain, chances are it could be due to one or more of following causes:

1. Tooth decay

This is the most common reason for having tooth pain. Patients often have a cavity that is deep and near to the nerve. Cavity is the destruction of tooth structure by bacteria. As the cavity gets closer to the nerve, patients become symptomatic.

Treatment: The dentist will use instruments to remove the decay and place a new filling. If the decay is too deep, a root canal will be needed followed by Crown. Lastly, if the decay is too close to the bone, crown lengthening or it is extracted.


2. Abscess tooth

Abscess tooth is an infection that occurs around a tooth. There are many causes for an abscess tooth. Most common are tooth decay, gum disease, and trauma. An abscess tooth can cause a lot of pain. Symptoms include deep, throbbing, and aching pain that can radiate to the head and jaw.

Treatment: Depending on location of the abscess, Dentists use various treatment methods to clean and decrease infections. Often times, a root canal is needed. Periodontal abscess require scaling and root planning (Deep Cleaning) with possible localized antibiotics. If the infection is too severe and bone loss is too significant, the tooth may not be salvaged. It is therefore then extracted.


3. Tooth fracture

Tooth fracture is a common occurrence in many patients. Chewing on ice and a hard foods can cause fractures. Once a tooth is fractured, underlying tissues become exposed to the oral environment. This exposure causes the nerve to become sensitive thus yielding pain.

Treatment: Tooth fracture can be treated multiple ways. Depending on the severity, tooth fractures can be repaired with a filling or a crown. If the fracture is deep and near the nerve, a root canal is needed. If the fracture is close to the bone, it may have to be extracted. A x-ray will determine the severity.


4. Damaged fillings

Although certain fillings last for a long time, they have their limitations. Fillings can be damaged by hard diet, an underlining cavity, or grinding. Once the feeling is fractured underlining tooth structure is exposed to the oral environment and can cause pain. Sometimes the broken restoration or filling can be wedged between teeth causing pain as well.

Treatment: If the filling is fractured or damaged. It can be replaced. Typically Dentists will remove the existing filling clean any underlying disease process and place a new filling. If the filling is too large the dentist may have to build up the tooth with a core material and place a crown to protect it from further fractures.


5. Infected gums

Infected gums can cause a lot of pain. Often times this is associated with gingivitis and periodontitis. Pain in manifest itself in many different ways. Be sure to visit a dentist diagnose and treat you appropriately.

Treatment: Gums can be infected by a long list of reasons and that there’s a long list of procedures to treat this condition. Consult the dentist for the most appropriate treatment.


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