Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

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Baby’s First Dental Visit

Everyone is encouraged to see the dentist every 6 months, or twice a year. This habit is not observed by all, but if you want to start this kind of practice on your child, you will put importance on his dental visits. More importantly, you will put importance on his very first visit.

The first visit to the dentist, more often than not, sets the tone of the next visits. It is crucial that the first one is successful, so as the primary care of the child, you have to prepare for it.

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  • Educate. A lot of parents think that they can trick a child, but that does more bad than good. Do not underestimate a child’s capacity to understand. Before the dental visit, you can make the child read books or watch videos, so he knows what to expect. Talk to your child about your own experience and tell them what the dentist will be doing.
  • Role play. Some children are scared of the unknown, so to boost their confidence and alleviate their fears, you may practice. You could also gauge his behavior in actuality, by trying to simulate the first visit. You can even take turns being dentist and patient.
  • Make it a fun experience. Never use the dentist as a threat. The dentist and all other healthcare personnel are friends, and shouldn’t be used as scarecrows. If you want the visit to be a success, you will work on making it a fun experience, more than anything else.

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As soon as your child gets his first tooth, a trip to the dentist is in order. You might he is too young, but it does not really have to be a formal visit. Some parents bring their children to the dentist, for their own appointments, to introduce the environment and the dental team. Their preparatory arrangements form a good foundation for future use.