Calcium and Your Teeth

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Healthy teeth

We are always reminded of how important it is to maintain good oral health through good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. The maintenance of good oral health is the combination of these two, but it is also so much more than brushing, flossing, rinsing and getting your teeth cleaned every six months. Your daily intake of calcium can also bring amazing benefits to your oral health.

Kids brushing their teeth


More than its contribution to bone health that helps protect against osteoporosis and other bone disease, the right amount of calcium should do wonders for your teeth, as well.

  • The body is continuously storing calcium and other minerals in the body. Collectively all these nutrients help to make the bones and teeth strong and healthier. Because of this, it is essential that a good amount of calcium is made part of one’s diet right from the start. This ensures good calcium stores in the body.
  • Stored calcium in the body does not only give strength, it aids in repair and caries resistance. You can liken it to weapons in a war, if you have the right ammunition, you can fight anything.
  • Recommended amounts per day vary. Children will need about 500-800mg; teens will need 1,300mg; adults need 1000mg; and older adults need 1,200mg. For pregnant women, mothers below 19 years will need 1,200mg and mother between 19-50 years will need 1000mg. 


There are different sources of calcium. Several foods contain calcium but the best sources are milk and dairy products. By making sure you incorporate these in your daily diet, you are giving what your teeth need to be strong and healthy.