Dental Cleaning and Examinations: Why is it Necessary? Waldorf MD

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A healthy mouth is not something that happens just like that. It requires a bit of genuine effort from your side to maintain it in a healthy state. Apart from the routine oral health maintenance measures like brushing and flossing, you should understand how important dental cleanings and examinations can be.


Dental Cleaning and Examinations at Waldorf MD


Dental cleaning is the removal of hard and soft deposits on teeth and gums and is carried out by a dental professional. Hard deposits are also known as tartar and the soft deposits that form a slimy layer on the teeth are called as the plaque. We brush our teeth regularly and floss as well to maintain oral hygiene.

So, why is professional dental cleaning necessary?


  • Plaque is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and when left untouched can cause various dental problems like cavities.
  • Soft deposits require regular removal which if not done can get converted to hard deposits called tartar.
  • Professional dental cleaning can reduce the problem of bad breath. The food debris accumulate on teeth and undergo putrefaction (process of rotting), thereby becoming a true source of bad breath. Through the process of dental cleaning soft deposits are taken care of.
  • Tartar covers the teeth and a part of gums also at times. The part of gums falling beneath the tartar gets irritated and inflamed. This can result in red and swollen gums. Inflamed gums bleed easily even when poked slightly. This is why you may have noticed blood spots while brushing your teeth.
  • Inflamed gums become weaker day by day when not treated at the right time. There comes a point when they get detached from the teeth and the underlying jaw bone. Then, they no longer support teeth resulting in loose teeth and ultimately tooth loss.
  • One of the most important benefits of dental cleaning is that it helps during dental examinations by increasing visibility of the teeth. Deposits on teeth can obscure the underlying dental problems many a times. For instance, a dental cavity on a tooth can go unchecked if it was covered with tartar. Hence, dental cleaning is a mandatory step for a complete thorough dental examination.

Regular dental check-ups can be likened to the popular saying-‘Prevention is always better than cure’. They help in prevention of dental problems like cavities from occurrence and intercept the progress of any persisting oral condition. There is a huge time gap between the first signs of dental decay and development of full-blown cavity. Your Waldorf MD dentist will be able to detect the decay right at the first stage and resolve the issue at the same time. This will prevent the decay from extending into the deeper layers of the teeth thereby preventing problems like toothache and swelling or abscess around the infected tooth.


“A Stich in Time Saves Nine”


Dental cleaning and examinations are just like that single stitch which when done on time can save you from extra work in future. Hence, rush to your Waldorf MD Dentist and schedule an appointment if you haven’t got your dental checkup done in past 6 months.