Daily Habits that Affect the Health of the Teeth

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Habits that Affect the Health of the Teeth

A person has different habits that more or less characterize them. Some people have habits that are good, and they contribute to the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being, but there are some habits that have the potential to cause harm.

The tooth’s enamel, the outer layer, is a translucent hard tissue that has no regenerative properties. Unlike most cells in the body, which can undergo repair, the enamel does not do that. Henceforth, damage incurred has serious effects. Unfortunately, there are some habits that have a bad effect on the teeth. Prolonged exposure to such, can lead to permanent problems.


girl biting her nails

  1. Nail Biting. This is a habit that soothes anxiety. It is usually a habit formed as a child and is carried on to later years. This habit can cause enamel to chip, fracture and crack. It can also lead to root resorption, due to excessive vertical forces applied.
  2. Pen Chewing. This habit of gnawing pens and pencils can also cause teeth trauma. This unconscious habit of chewing on something may help calm the nerves, but is not at all a good thing.
  3. Chewing Ice. This is another bad habit. It is bad not only due to the force subjected, but the coldness of the ice cubes can weaken the tooth, so it becomes more susceptible to fracture.
  4. Teeth as Tools. The teeth seem quite convenient as tools because they can cut and grasp and grip on things, but they can also break. Some people use their teeth to open plastic wrappers or even open bottles of soda. It is a very irresponsible habit.


It is important that if you have any of these habits, you stop it right away. Enamel damage is irreversible. When a tooth becomes abraded or fractured, it might be too late for you to save it.