Loose tooth: Why does it happen?

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child with loose tooth

You may remember your childhood days when you rushed to your mother just to tell that your tooth has started becoming loose and your mother may have just laughed it off or may have narrated you the fairy tale of the tooth fairy. A loose milk tooth is never a matter of serious concern. On the contrary, a permanent tooth growing loose is not real good news.

 Why does it happen ?

It can happen either because of a blow on mouth ordue to the following two reasons-

1. If you bite very hard

When you use excessive biting forces, your teeth become loose in due course of time as they are not meant for extreme biting load. This may happen in those who have the habit of grinding or clenching their teeth.

2. If your gums are weak

Weak and inflamed gums become inefficient in holding the teeth securely in their position. When the infected gums are left untreated for a long time the bony layer underneath the gums begin to wear off.

 Only good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can prevent the occurrence of loose teeth.