How Necessary Are Antibiotics for Toothaches?

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Antibiotics are one of the medications that are abused and improperly taken by patients. When someone is suffering from a toothache they pop in pain killers they take antibiotics because they think that is what they need. Unfortunately, unlike other illnesses, dental problems are not necessarily resolved with simply popping antibiotics. As a matter of fact, antibiotics do not solve your toothache problem.

Taking antibiotics for infections is only a temporary solution, to resolve the swelling brought on by the infection. A dentist may or may not prescribe this, but note that following the full dose, you will be instructed to come back to receive an extraction, a pulp treatment or a surgical procedure on the soft tissues or bone.


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Antibiotic Control

The unnecessary intake of antibiotics is given warning because antibiotic resistance is a serious thing. Taking too much antibiotics may bring about tolerance, so that future intake of the medication will no longer offer protection. In other words, since antibiotics do not really resolve the underlying infection, the constant intake of antibiotics only ruin your defence system.

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It is prescribed for tooth decay, broken teeth (fractures), gum disease, abscess or infection and jaw problems—but it is only temporary address. You will still be required to see the dentist to receive proper treatment. Whether you will need a simple teeth cleaning, tooth filling, tooth extraction, root canal or surgery—only a dentist can know for sure and eventually, solve your problem.

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