Saying No to Smoking for Your Teeth

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Smoking- mouth disease

The package warnings are not mere printings. Despite the high sales and it’s popularity, the risk is real and it is not just a threat: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. It has been shown to have links to the development and progression of many illnesses, especially in the oral cavity.

Smoking, in the general sense, weakens the body’s natural defense against illnesses. It renders the body ill to fight off all kinds of diseases, but apart from that the stick of cigarette that you put into your mouth, can bring bigger problems.

The Problem with Smoking

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  1. Oral Cancer. Do you know that eight out of ten cases of cancers are linked to smoking? The real cause of cancer is really hard or pinpoint, but smoking remains to be the one thing you can control, so why not stay away from this culprit?
  2. Bad breath. Probably the most immediate problem you have to deal with smoking is bad breath. The stench of prolonged smoking leaves a strong stench that sometimes even the best gums cannot deal with.
  3. Stained teeth, gums and black hairy tongue. Cigarettes can discolour and stain the teeth, gums and tongue. Long-time smokers have had to deal with the ugly appearance of greyish teeth, gums and sometimes, black and hairy tongue.
  4. Dry mouth and tooth decay. The chemical properties present in cigarettes can causedry mouth, which renders the mouth prone to tooth decay. This dry mouth syndrome will also give rise to dulled sense of taste and smell, which heavily affects one’s enjoyment of food.
  5. Delayed wound healing. Smoker patients are always advised to stay away from cigarettes, following a surgical procedure. This is because smoking retards wound healing and even affects the final outcome of the mouth tissues.