Dental Restoration In Waldorf: Can A Tooth Bridge Be Replaced?

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Have you ever come across a situation in which you broke your dental bridge? Do you know what needs to be done next? Do you need to replace your old bridge with a new one? These questions can create tension as a broken/old tooth bridge call in a bit of financial worry as well.

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A dental bridge is a prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. It has two parts primarily: pontic and abutments. Pontic are artificial replacements for missing teeth whereas abutments are shells that cover the bridge-supporting teeth adjacent to the missing teeth.

Reasons for a Broken Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is made out of a metal framework to which ceramic or porcelain is attached. Strong forces like an accidental blow or biting on extremely hard objects can put excessive stress on the bridge causing it to break. In some cases, the abutment tooth may just crack or break completely due to a trauma of any form leaving a hanging dental bridge that is intact but non-functional. In few other cases, there may be a loss of the ceramic or porcelain component of the dental bridge.

What should be done if my dental bridge breaks?

The first and the most important thing is that there is NO need to panic at all. Once you find that your dental bridge is broken, open your mouth wide to analyze the manner in which it is broken. If you find a broken piece running loose in your mouth, take it out immediately. On the other hand, if the dental bridge seems fitting fine with an obvious crack, you need to let it be there as it is. Next step is the scheduling of an appointment with your dentist at Waldorf. Remember, consultation with your dentist is extremely important as a seemingly minor crack on your dental bridge can also create a lot of issues. Any crack opens up the path for oral bacteria to intrude underneath the bridge and commence bacterial activity causing decay or gum soreness.

Can a Tooth Bridge be replaced?

A broken dental bridge can be repaired or replaced. The solution depends on the nature of the problem, basically. During the consultation, your dentist in Waldorf  will discuss all the possible options of restoring the bridge.

  • Bonding– There is an option of joining the broken parts of the bridge through a process called bonding. This can be called as a permanent option as the material used to join the bridge parts gets stained over time and may give an unsightly look.


  • Recementation- If the dental bridge is just loose and there is no break or crack, it can be glued back to its position through recementation. A thin layer of dental cement is applied underneath the bridge and then is pressed onto the supporting teeth


  • Veneers– Through veneering, a thin layer of porcelain is attached on the bridge to bind the two parts together. This is a temporary option and cannot be used universally.


  • Replacement– This is the best option of correcting a broken bridge- GO FOR A NEW ONE! A new dental bridge can solve all your problems in just one go. A new impression will be recorded and then sent to the lab for the fabrication of your dental bridge. Fixing the old bridge through bonding or veneering may compromise the fit of the bridge. A new dental bridge will not pose any problems related to fit or comfort.


  • Dental ImplantsIf you are looking for a permanent solution altogether for your missing teeth, dental implants would be the smartest option for you. Implants function independently like a natural tooth and do not require abutment teeth for support. Hence, the missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants. However, the abutment teeth, if intact, need to be covered with dental crowns separately.


Before replacing the dental bridge, decay on supporting teeth needs to be filled first. If the dental bridge is loose due to a fracture in the supporting tooth, it needs to repaired and built up first before fixing the dental bridge. Our dental office at Waldorf is committed to provide you the best treatment options for any problem with your dental bridge.